B2B Info for Lux Travel Buzz
Digital Destination Guides & Media Campaigns

We present exciting Destinations, Resorts & Experiences to Travel Agencies & Tour Operators in Europe, USA & Canada

Campaigns for a new generation of travelers, seeking unique experiences; Wanderlust wants Bragging Rights!

• Miraculous Travel Stories packaged into Editorials & Posts
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of exciting travel with one-of-a-kind adventures, heritage traditions, picturesque countryside, and warm-hearted people. Each piece we publish is a ticket to a different corner of the world, inviting our audience to explore, discover, and dream.

• Lux Digital Travel Guides for Mobile Phones
An inspirational source for travel agents that is easy to share with their travel clients, inviting them to embark on their adventures. The newest technology is easy to use and always handy.

Design & technology of our digital guides encourages readers to explore and browse! The individual digital guide benefits from a targeted marketing strategy in the luxury market. We reach a very specific and relevant group of readers as well as tourism professionals in B2B. We constantly add destinations to the library, resulting in comprehensive reference work.

B2B - How we reach Tourism Professionals

• Newsletters & Partnership Campaigns
Our Expert Insights spark an appetite for your hospitality and keep tourism professionals & media up-to-date with the latest travel trends and destination highlights.

• Travel News - distributed monthly
Austrias Journal for tourism specialists is sent to the staff of 4,000 tour operators & travel agencies. This professional journal offers monthly branch information including insider information on tourism, hotel industry, airlines, and new, exciting destinations.

• Bus & Hotel Report - 4 per year
The Austrian magazine covers tourism, hotel business, gastronomy, and bus tourism, and is distributed across Europe. It reaches operators, group tourism wholesalers, travel agents, hoteliers, and marketing managers of major hotel chains in Germany and Austria. Additionally, it is sent to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Scandinavia, Switzerland, South Tyrol, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Baltic States.

• PR Agencies worldwide distribution of our newest destinations and guides

• Trade shows we attend: ITB Berlin, Seatrade, Tourism Fair Vienna, IPW USA, ...

B2C - How we engage with the Luxury Travel Audience

Reise-aktuell Travel Magazine - printed & distributed 3x per year
Also available as an e-magazine on board Lufthansa, Eurowings, Austrian Airlines, Swiss Air, Edelweiss, and China Airlines with currently over 10,000 downloads per month.

+3,1 Million annual readers of our printed & e-magazines
+100,000 annual readers of e-mail campaigns
+Millions reached through our social media channels

Demographics - who we reach

High-Income Audience
53% - higher than average income
59% - 30-59 years old
16% - 60+ years
25% - under 30 years
44% - love luxury travel & are ready to spend


What is LuxTravelBuzz?

LuxTravelBuzz publishes digital travel guides dedicated to providing information and inspiration for travelers seeking high-end experiences, luxury accommodations, and unique destinations.

How can I contact LuxTravelBuzz for inquiries or collaborations?

You can reach out to us through our contact page on this website. We welcome inquiries from readers, advertisers, and potential collaborators.

What are digital travel guides?

Digital Luxury Travel Guides are curated and detailed guides to luxury travel destinations that you can access and download on your mobile phone or tablet. They offer valuable insights, recommendations, and tips for travelers seeking premium experiences.

Are these guides really free to download?

Yes, our digital luxury travel guides are completely free to download. We believe in providing high-quality travel content at no cost to our users.

Does Lux Travel Buzz offer travel booking services?

LuxTravelBuzz primarily provides travel information and inspiration. While we do not offer booking services, we often provide links to trusted partners that can help you book your luxury travel experiences.

What kind of information can I expect to find in these guides?

Our digital luxury travel guides include a wealth of information, including recommendations for luxury accommodations, dining, activities, local attractions, insider tips, and more. They are designed to help you make the most of your luxury travel experience.

How do I stay updated with LuxTravelBuzz content?

You stay automatically updated with our latest digital guides by downloading the digital library to your mobile phone. Newly published guides are added to the main library making it a comprehensive reference work.

Are the travel recommendations on LuxTravelBuzz unbiased?

We strive to provide honest and unbiased recommendations for luxury travel experiences. Our goal is to give readers a clear and transparent view of the destinations and hospitality businesses we feature. While we may partner with travel companies, our recommendations are based on our genuine experiences and opinions.

How frequently are new guides added to your collection?

We aim to regularly update and expand our collection of digital luxury travel guides. The frequency of new additions may vary, but we're committed to providing fresh and relevant content to inspire your luxury travel experiences.