Romantic Positano

So picture this…

You’re sitting on the restaurant balcony, the view in front of you is a mix of cotton candy sunset and deep blue ocean. The lights of the coastal city twinkle around you. You sip on the full flavor of your chianti wine as the Italian music fills the air. Now that is what I call a night in Positano!The Amalfi Coast has been on my bucket list for years now! Yes, I have been once before but that backpacking adventure is a story for another day. This time, I want to share with you how to visit Positano and not hold back! Im talking beach clubs, boujee dinners, and the views you thought only existed in your Pinterest boards.
Where We Stayed:
There are some absolutely breathtaking hotels in Positano and don’t even get me started on the Airbnbs. But for this trip, we wanted to avoid as many stairs as possible (if you have seen Positano, you know that you will be hiking stairs to get pretty much anywhere) so we picked a cute little hotel that was as close to the main strip as possible!

Hotel L'Ancora
This was the best hotel in terms of closeness to the main beach. We were within walking distance (no stairs) to the main strip of shops and restaurants that led right down to the main beach. They have the best view at their rooftop bar.
What We Did:
Positano is a very romantic place if you know where to go! It can be super easy to get caught up in the shuffle of endless tourists so try to book your excursions ahead of time to take away some of that stress.

Arienzo Beach Club
We booked rows 3 or 4-your rate (for a couples package) comes with your beach chairs and towels, 2 appetizers, 2 main courses, a bottle of champagne, fruit, water, limoncello, and desert. There is also a free water shuttle that takes you to the private beach club.
INSIDER TIP: select “beach meal” for how you want your lunch served right in your cute little orange spot.
La Scogliera
We booked spot 201. Your booking includes your private spot along the cliffs and your chairs and towels. La Scogliera comes with the advantage of being more exclusive. It is a bit more on the boujee end but well worth it! You will enjoy a private day in your luxury day bed section built into the Positano beachside cliffs.
INSIDER TIP: order a limoncello spritz, it’s MASSIVE and so yummy!

Music on the Rocks
This is pretty much the only club in Positano. The cover is 40 Euros per person but includes your first two drinks. A really cool bar and club built directly into a cave, great DJs from around the world come here to play!
Positano is a very romantic place if you know where to go!
It can be super easy to get caught up in the shuffle of endless tourists so try to book your excursions ahead of time to take away some of that stress.

Bluestar Private Boat Tour
A boat tour is a must-do when you visit Positano. The view of the town from the water is simply breathtaking. We booked the boat in connection with our photo shoot. A sunset cruise along the coast from Positano was 250 euros for 90 minutes. (40 euro discount if you pay cash in person)

Bluestar Private Boat Tour
Via del Brigantino 1, 84017 Positano
Phone: +39 089 811888


HE BOOKS OUT FAR IN ADVANCE!!!!There are occasional last-minute cancellations (that's how we got our shoot) but for the most part, Hubert books out very far in advance. Amazing shoot though, he even takes your phone and films lots of behind-the-scenes videos for you!
Where We Ate:

Pasta, Pasta, and more Pasta! Not to mention some seafood and lots of Aperol Spritz mixed in there. The food in Positano is something else. Some of the best pastas and freshest seafood that I have ever experienced. But be prepared… the prices are definitely up there! They say that food in Italy is cheap, well Positano is an exception haha. Yes, you will be paying a bit more than usual but if you go to some of these spots that we went, I promise you will not regret it!-

La Pergola
This is a super popular spot right on the main beach in Positano! We decided to skip all the hustle and go through the restaurant to the back to their to-go pizzas. So worth it!
Terrazza Cele

This was number one on my bucket list!!! Make a reservation right when the dinner service opens to ensure that you get a table on the edge of the balcony. This way you can enjoy a long dinner all the way through sunset with the most epic view! Get the truffle burrata appetizer, OH MY GOD!
La Tagliata

$50 per person for a 5-course meal, endless wine, and transportation to and from the restaurant… it’s a bargain! This family-owned spot doesn’t have a menu but their set dinner is to die for!
La Zagara

Amazing seafood salad and lemon sorbet! You get to eat surrounded by lemon trees and greenery.
Kim and Carson's Wanderlust Tips:

• The best time to visit (in terms of weather and tourists) is April/May or September/October. The summer months just get so overcrowded and hot it can make it a lot more difficult to get reservations and do the things you want!
• If you want to take those famous in-the-water pictures, the ones with the whole main beach and Positano in the background, go around sunset/dinner time! The main beach is completely packed all day but around that time it is completely empty!!
• IT IS HOT!!! Pack flowy lightweight clothing if you go in the summer because holy lord all mighty it is hot!!! Ladies, bring hair clips and hair ties, you will want your hair up as much as possible!
• Walking shoes only! Yes, we all love good heels, and trust me I did pack them as well. But believe me when I say you will never wear them!! There is just so much walking and so many stairs and cobble stone streets, bring comfy cute flats!
• Ask your hotel concierge for things like boat tours or scooter rentals, even reservations. A lot of the time they have better connections or contacts and will find you the best bang for your buck!

written by Kim Edelsbacher

Download the full Positano Guide

Download the full Positano Guide