Lux Travel Buzz - Herausgeber von Digitalen Reiseführern

The Team

Elke Edelsbacher

Editor in Chief & Guide Production
Elke's background in marketing has led her to all the corners of the world and brand work through the years. She has worked with some of the biggest brands in the hospitality & tourism industry. Elke shares her passion for inspiring people to love diverse cultures and the excitement of discovering new places.

Guenther Edelsbacher

Editor, Director of Marketing & Business Development
After working in the creative digital world for his whole life, Guenther has not only seen the changes in online marketing but has created cutting-edge tools to put businesses ahead of the crowd. Guenther will make sure your destination stands out with an online presence that is unmatched by any competitor.

Kim Catleen

Editor - Content Developer
BSc. in Psychology, UCF & MSc. Master in International Business Administration, University of London.
Kim is a creative photographer and content creator. Clients range from Ritz Carlton & Marriott and destinations in the Caribbean & the Austrian Alps to Luxury Chalets & City Tourism. Finding creativity in a project and coming up with angles that no one else has seen leaves viewers speechless & awed!

Carson Wall

Model & Content Developer
Carson is an American Actor and Model who loves the camera (and the camera loves him). Having starred in two reality TV shows gave him the confidence to bring energy to creative shoots.
Together with Kim, he adds emotions to our projects and allows your audience to feel like they are right there with him.

Nina Vienna

Editor & Destination Scout
Florida Atlantic University majoring in Business and Hospitality Management.
Nina worked with many destinations and brands, managing promotions on social media platforms. She is the behind-the-scenes coordinator for content creation (although you will see her also flirting with the camera), making sure to capture the magic of any production. She is able to deliver content with memories of the future, so stunning that it needs no words.

Rebecca Yore

IT & Programming
Rebecca is a developer at heart - breathing code and thinking in numbers. Her being part of our small, passionate team has the advantage of making quick decisions when needed. When we come up with new technology ideas it sometimes feels like we already live in the future, and that is pretty fascinating.

Alexander C. Boehm

Marketing & Distribution
Majoring in Economics and Social Sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.
Alex is the managing director at Reise Aktuell, responsible for channeling the LUX Travel Guides to the right tourism audience. Traveling his whole life opened his horizon and desire to explore new destinations.

Christian Boehm

Founder of Reise Aktuell, Travel News, Bus & Hotel, and Auto Aktuell
Christian is the connection to anything tourism! Founding & managing a variety of magazines for over 30 years let him create business relations and friendships to the top-shelf of the travel industry. Christian is the contact with the contacts in LUX Travel Buzz, and he will open even secret doors for our clients & destinations.

Henry Jedelsky

Destination Scout, Marketing & Sales
Henry calls himself the hunter of moments. With his cameras, he captures feelings, cultures, and traditions, even in the remotest destinations. He is a specialist for Africa & the Middle East and always brings back the treasure of local knowledge when he returns from a journey.

Matthias Buennemeyer

Destination Expert for India
Matthias Buennemeyer specializes in the dynamic Indian tourism market. With a passion for curating exceptional travel experiences, he brings great expertise to our team. Together, we will explore luxury travel in India, searching for unforgettable experiences for our readers.