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Stories & Blogs

Vienna: A Foodie's Paradise!

If you're visiting Vienna this summer, don't miss out on the chance to embark on a culinary adventure! From the moment you step foot in this charming city, you know you’ll be in for a treat.Vienna isn't just about stunning architecture and rich history; it's also a haven for foodies. From classic Viennese to international cuisine, there's something for every taste bud. Eating classics like ...

Romantic Positano

So picture this…
You’re sitting on the restaurant balcony, the view in front of you is a mix of cotton candy sunset and deep blue ocean. The lights of the coastal city twinkle around you. You sip on the full flavor of your chianti wine as the Italian music fills the air. Now that is what I call a night in Positano!The Amalfi Coast has been on my bucket list for years now! Yes, I have been ...

He Said, She Said - Our Vacation at Hyatt Zilara Riviera Maya

Pro tip: if your boyfriend is going to overindulge on yummy tequila drinks at your all-inclusive resort on day one, make sure you know how to order room service and a good movie :) But before we get into that, let’s rewind! On our latest adventure, Carson and I decided to pack our bags and leave our troubles behind as we headed to Mexico. Now, if you have never been to the Cancun area, there is ...

Zambezi Queen

Embark on a Safari Adventure Like No Other Aboard the Zambezi Queen.Anchored along the banks of the majestic Chobe River lies a hidden gem of luxury and adventure: the Zambezi Queen. Measuring an impressive 42 meters in length, this 5-star luxury houseboat redefines sophistication in one of the most remote corners of the planet. For travelers seeking a unique and exhilarating river safari ...

It does not get any better than this! The Great Plains Conservation Camps and Lodges

It does not get any better than this! Great Plains Conservation is setting new standards with its camps and lodges in Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. Our Africa specialists, Elisabeth and Henry Jedelsky, were invited to Kenya and met two African celebrities. The Ol Donyo Lodge is located at the foot of the Chyulu Mountains near Tsavo West and Amboseli National Park. Ernest Hemingway wrote about ...

Travel News from Seatrade Miami!

Ahoy, travelers! Our wanderlust soul just reached new heights as we uncovered new destinations and adventures at the Seatrade Convention in Miami. From exciting destinations to unforgettable experiences, Seatrade Miami opened us to a new world of exploration. We met cool people from different countries, all passionately sharing stories about their beautiful homelands. Are you ready to immerse ...

Sun, Sea, and Hospitality Await on the World's Flattest Paradise

Welcome to the Maldives, the sunny side of life, your dream tropical destination where the sun awaits to embrace you just as warmly as the Maldivian hospitality.Nestled in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is known as the flattest country on Earth, with a unique geography where only 1% of its territory is land, while the remaining 99% is made of water. Covering an expansive area of ...

The Sound of Salzburg!

Believe it or not, Mozart was an original Salzburger. When Mozart was born, the town of Salzburg was an ecclesiastical principality of the Prince-Archbishopric of Salzburg and a state of the Holy Roman Empire.Salzburg is a city with deep-rooted traditions with vibrations of vitality. The UNESCO World Heritage City of Salzburg is a small, world-class town with an excellent reputation for top-class ...


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LuxTravelBuzz publishes digital travel guides dedicated to providing information and inspiration for travelers seeking high-end experiences, luxury accommodations, and unique destinations.

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You can reach out to us through our contact page on this website. We welcome inquiries from readers, advertisers, and potential collaborators.

What are digital travel guides?

Digital Luxury Travel Guides are curated and detailed guides to luxury travel destinations that you can access and download on your mobile phone or tablet. They offer valuable insights, recommendations, and tips for travelers seeking premium experiences.

Are these guides really free to download?

Yes, our digital luxury travel guides are completely free to download. We believe in providing high-quality travel content at no cost to our users.

Does Lux Travel Buzz offer travel booking services?

LuxTravelBuzz primarily provides travel information and inspiration. While we do not offer booking services, we often provide links to trusted partners that can help you book your luxury travel experiences.

What kind of information can I expect to find in these guides?

Our digital luxury travel guides include a wealth of information, including recommendations for luxury accommodations, dining, activities, local attractions, insider tips, and more. They are designed to help you make the most of your luxury travel experience.

How do I stay updated with LuxTravelBuzz content?

You stay automatically updated with our latest digital guides by downloading the digital library to your mobile phone. Newly published guides are added to the main library making it a comprehensive reference work.

Are the travel recommendations on LuxTravelBuzz unbiased?

We strive to provide honest and unbiased recommendations for luxury travel experiences. Our goal is to give readers a clear and transparent view of the destinations and hospitality businesses we feature. While we may partner with travel companies, our recommendations are based on our genuine experiences and opinions.

How frequently are new guides added to your collection?

We aim to regularly update and expand our collection of digital luxury travel guides. The frequency of new additions may vary, but we're committed to providing fresh and relevant content to inspire your luxury travel experiences.